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Freakshow Wrestling presents: Hail To The Spandex Gods

Saturday, April 29, 2017
8:00 PM – 1:00AM PST

Tickets $20

Fremont Country Club
601 Fremont Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Freakshow Wrestling presents: Hail To The Spandex Gods

Freakshow Wrestling, the craziest sexiest scariest silliest pro wrestling variety show the world has ever seen, graces Las Vegas with our first show of 2017. Freakshow offers the most outrageous, irreverent night out of fun and ridiculous debauchery Las Vegas has to offer!!! Booze! Wrestling! Comedy! Magic! Sideshow! In a town where it's tough to turn heads, we'll turn yours...all the way around! Step off the strip and step into the FREAKSHOW!!! Freak out! Freak out!

On the card:
Main Event: Samoan Werewolf Jacob Fatu w/manager Kim Chi Roblez vs Freakshow Wrestling Champ - Funnybone!!!
On Your Mark hosted live by Mark E Extreme with guest Gaydolf Hitler
I Quitler Match: Gaydolf Hitler vs Jonald Trump!!!
Tables Ladders & Carrots!!! Drugz Bunny & Cerealman vs. Sinn Bodhi & Lucha Underground's Marty The Moth, w/ special guest referee Techno Destructo!!!
Inner Demons Match: Black Annie vs Black Annie with Special Ref: Scorchie Warbucks
Intergalactic Meaning of Life Easter Egg Hunt to the Death Match! Satan VS Techno Destructo w/ special guest referee JESUS!
Old School Rasslin' Match!!!
Lucha Hardcore Six Man Tag!!! Starring: Durango! Pyschohysteria! Lucha Underground star: Ricky Mandel! & more!!!
Evening Gown Match - Mr. Wonderful Rock Riddle vs ???
4 Corners Dating Game Elimination! Starring Shelly Martinez! Warpig! Andrea the Giant! Depressler! Brittney Wonder! One Leroy Wolfpack Patterson!
Kreepy Karen Karaoke w/ guest Beast of Dim
Ass Kicking Contest! Gorgeous Gary Galaxy VS The One Legged Man Harry Henderson
Plus: Lucha Underground star Willie Mack! Silias Mason! Useless Aquaman! The Detention! Clown Boys & Indians! Shocker! Aussy Blood! Major Corruption! Dangerous D! Bizzaro! & more!!!

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Witness the Full-Contact Comedy Variety Show that will blow your mind and your morals!!! Featuring the world's best magicians, comedians, sideshow, musicians, circus & wrestlers as seen on America's Got Talent, Cirque Du Soleil, World Wrestling Entertainment Amazing Jonathan, Guinness Book of World Records, Jim Rose Circus, Criss Angel's Believe, & MORE!!! See midgets fighting giants! Sexy evil women swallowing each others swords while jumping in glass! Vampires fighting chickens! Fire-breathing-knife-throwing clowns! Invisible stunt men! Sin City Strong Woman open challenge! Whip-cream-thumb-tack-pies! A high class Donkey Show! Jesus vs Satan and sooo much more!!! FREAKSHOW WRESTLING!!! COMEDY! MAGIC! MUSIC! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Don't miss the tons of crazy sh*t YOU shouldn't try at home! We take fun VERY seriously!